Membership Committee

Purpose: The membership committee’s purpose is the continual retention and recruitment of membership.  This task is monitored by a variety of membership development functions and goals.  This committee reports directly to the board of directors, adds in membership, drops in membership and exit survey results. The Committee works together to develop strategies to increase members, promotes membership with door-to-door visits to businesses and potential members; chooses an H5C Chamber Business of the Month, checks in with members on renewals and looks for ways to increase member retention and the benefits of membership.  Additionally the Committee helps to plan and implement all programs during the year, taking a lead role in selecting topics and speakers, and recruiting individuals for presentations on appropriate and current business issues. With responsibilities ranging from development of new events to analyzing their effectiveness, the committee works with each other to design, market and implement these initiatives.

1. Increase new membership
2. Membership retention
3. Organize quarterly new member orientations where new members will be invited to a    learn how to make the most of their membership.

Chair: Vanity Vale-Ayala,


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