Access to Capital

For over thirty years, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Contra Costa has been a prominent voice for business owners in Contra Costa County to foster economic growth and prosperity of small business and minority-owned businesses. To encourage increased capital investment in small businesses the Hispanic Chamber has established innovative public and private partnerships to support these businesses and the broader economy.


The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Contra Costa County provides streamlined application processing support for SBA-guaranteed working capital bank loans to help you grow your business. Through Smartbiz loans, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is able to connect you with low interest rates, long-term repayments and an easy 24/7 online application process. You will get an immediate decision, and if approved you typically get funded within 5 to 7 business days.

Business Education & Counseling

Your Hispanic Chamber membership gives you express access to many business education workshops and counseling services through our partner network.


We hold various workshops multiple times a month to help build the skills of members, and to give Subject Matter Experts in their field the opportunity to teach a variety of skills to our members while promoting their own business. These industry specific workshops are among the most popular events we have, which are an effective way to attract and network with other like-minded professionals and meet prospective clients.


The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is partnered with organizations such as SCORE, SBA, Smartbiz, SBDC, EDC, and countless others to give you express access to valuable business counseling resources.

Member Business Directory

Choose up to three business categories in our Member Business Directory to drive valuable traffic to your business. A listing in the Hispanic Chamber Member Directory not only shows that you are a supporter of small businesses, but also gives you a valuable “SEO back link” to your Web site from the Hispanic Chamber Website at A link from a 30-year old .ORG Website pointing to yours is a valuable search rank factor that helps your own Website get found in Google search and other search engines.

Business Networking

One of the Hispanic Chamber’s core strengths is in producing a broad variety of networking opportunities for to members meet and exchange ideas with other business owners. Hear what our Events Director has to say about why she joined the Hispanic Chamber, and what makes us and our events special.

Business Referrals

Getting involved with your local chamber is a great way to get referrals from the business community. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce transcends the usual boundaries of local city chambers, giving you access to potential business from a much broader radius.

Access to Local Leadership

With a prominent presence across the 19 cities of Contra Costa County, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is in frequent contact with the leadership in those regions at the city, county, and state government levels. As a member of the Hispanic Chamber, simply attending our events is usually a great way to keep in touch with local officials. However, we also offer various opportunities to get involved with our Government Affairs Committee activities that can help you establish valuable relationships to help grow your business.

Promote Your Business Online

With over 15,000 contacts in our email database and thousands more on Social Media, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is hands down the best value for a Chamber of Commerce membership. We offer various options for you to use our Social Media and PR channels to promote your business and help you get the word out.


Your membership gives you access to a variety of options to promote your business online. As a member, you have the option to order promotional campaigns on an a la carte basis as you grow your business, or just simply whenever you need a big boost.

Workforce Development


Corporate reinvestment in the skilled labor workforce is central to the Hispanic Chamber’s mission and the Business Education and advocacy work that we do. As a Chamber member, you have access to teach at our Business Education Series workshops, leveraging those high touch opportunities as a valuable communication platform to help establish or build your personal brand as a thought leader in your professional field, and to help you gain new business.


Employee placement firms, recruiters, and temp agencies gain access to a diverse skilled workforce across Contra Costa County. As members, your listings get propagated through our Career Referral Network, which helps you attract qualified candidates and build valuable brand recognition that can help you gain new hiring organization clients.

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Whether your goals are to drive customer acquisition, retention, or simply raise awareness, as a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, you gain access to a variety of high profile event sponsorship opportunities to help meet your marketing objectives. While the Hispanic Chamber offers many levels of sponsorship opportunities for the following events, one of the most effective ways to leverage these opportunities is to also get involved with hosting an event. Speak to a chamber representative to sponsor or host an event.


90% networking, 10% presentation. A great way to mingle and engage people in learning about your business.


80% networking, 20% presentation. Focused on showcasing industry-specific vendors with brief spotlight presentations, booths, and expo-style networking. Rotates industries.


10% networking, 90% presentation. Held during the course of a lunch hour, these events are a great way to showcase your business or establish yourself as a thought leader.


Advocate for women-owned businesses and leadership skills building. These events range from business education workshops to networking mixers, and hybrid events.


20% networking, 80% presentation. 2-hour breakfast meetings focused on high-level business briefings on the socio-economic outlook in Contra Costa County.


20% networking, 80% presentation. 2-hour breakfast meetings focused on discussing legislative changes in Contra Costa County with the local leadership.


A day-long vendor and expo and conference great for promoting businesses via trade show display merchandising, speaker tracks, and general trade show sponsorships.


A day-long student expo and conference for high school students held at a local 4-year college. Popular sponsorship opportunity for corporate reinvestment programs.

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