Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee (GAC) Contra Costa County

Purpose: The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee (GAC) Contra Costa County, a non-profit 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, works with the Contra Costa County community and elected officials at the federal, state, county and local levels to increase the opportunities for successful dialog that will result in a business friendly legislative environment and sustainable community governance policies, which are essential to the economic growth and development of our communities and businesses.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce GAC supports economic development in Contra Costa County and the American economy through advocacy efforts led by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Contra Costa County Government Affairs Committee’s legislative platform.

Chair: Evodio “Vo” Walle, vo@h5c.org, (415) 572-3568


Hispanic Chamber GAC Legislative Platform 2019

  • Promote small business lending
  • Foster capital formation
  • Grow opportunities in the financial services industry
  • Develop opportunities for minority and women inclusion
  • Support partnerships for entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Expand international market access
  • Protect agribusiness through comprehensive farm bill legislation
  • Invest in rural communities
  • Support innovation in the bio-economy
  • Strengthen access to agricultural labor
  • Facilitate ongoing growth in the food service industry
  • Invest in early childhood development
  • Strengthen elementary & secondary education
  • Incorporate youth programs for work readiness
  • Reduce recidivism rate through re-entry programs
  • Improve higher education access and success
  • Equip the workforce with adult education programming
  • Expand trade adjustment assistance programming
  • Stimulate innovation through STEM education investment
  • Champion an “all-inclusive” approach in the U.S. energy portfolio
  • Develop incentives to improve energy efficiency
  • Invest significantly in research and development for the energy sector
  • Promote consumer-based solutions
  • Mitigate the strain of employer mandates through tax incentives
  • Eliminate the ‘coverage gap’ 
  • Aggressively rein in fraud and abuse in the healthcare system
  • Develop strong incentives for employee wellness programs
  • Support comprehensive legislation to harness the economic enrichment immigrates bring
  • Reform the visa system to attract STEM talent as well as EB-5 economic investment
  • Establish market-driven work programs and temporary visas
  • Invest in our ports of entry to promote legitimate trade and travel
  • Reform state and local immigration laws that harm business and local economies
  • Promote free trade
  • Encourage foreign investment
  • Defend intellectual property abroad
  • Grow American exports
  • Invest in American infrastructure
  • Promote diversity in the awarding of local, state, and federal contracts
  • Insist that government regulations are driven by data
  • Prioritize counseling and support programs for Contra Costa’s small businesses
  • Increase diverse representation in government
  • Expand broadband access and adoption
  • Increase commercial spectrum availability
  • Extend tax relief and simplification to the technology and telecommunications sector
  • Ensure public access to media content through over-the-air broadcasting
  • Retain and promote innovation through STEM investment
  • Improve government services through technology

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