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Testimonials from the H5C Board of Directors

I have served on the Board since 2008, including two terms on the Executive Committee as Chamber Secretary.The Chamber and Board service have contributed immensely to my own professional growth and development.  I have met valuable contacts, gotten business referrals and have had a platform for outreach and community involvement through the Chamber’s programs and events.  I am confident that the next group of Board members will drive the valuable work of the Chamber, meet its challenges head on and continue the legacy of this Chamber which has become known as one of the premiere       Chambers in the East Bay. I would encourage all members to consider service on the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

Leonard E. Marquez
Secretary, H5C

Being on the board of directors has provided me the opportunity to make connections with people throughout the entire bay area; we have helped each other grow in our businesses.

Maria Galicia
Director of East County, H5C

In many ways, the treasurer is at the heart of chamber activity-assisting the board in its stewardship role over chamber finances. As a member of the executive board, the treasurer has access to many regional and statewide business and leadership political events, providing the treasurer with enormous networking and business development opportunities

Dan Walden
Treasurer, H5C

Considering a leadership role in the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is an important decision, both professionally and personally. I’ve had the pleasure of serving the Chamber, first as a Board Member and as President. This position has allowed me to be in direct contact and engage local stakeholders, elected officials and community leaders; to discuss important small business issues and community issues. Being in the forefront of small business issues allowed me to prepare for what’s on the horizon and also provided important contacts for my business. I highly recommend that business owners be part of the Leadership of the Chamber Board and take advantage of the network the Chamber has to offer.

Johnny Huang
President, H5C (2013-2015)